Monday, June 6, 2016

Android SDK June 2016 Update

Happy June all!

In this month we have several updates for Android SDK. We have :

Android NDK (native development kit) version 11c and 12 beta 2
Android SDK N preview has update for its compiler rev 3, and WEAR system images
Android SDK 6 has several image system updates

For the tools :

SDK Tool aka "SDK Manager" now has v. 25.1.7 stable
SDK Platform tool has v. 23.1.0 stable and v24 RC3
SDK Build tools  v 23.0.3 and 24 RC4

For the Extras, we have update on Android Support Library, Repository including latest HAXM and GPU Debugging tools

To install these package offline, all you need to do is place the packages inside "temp" directory in your Android SDK manager folder. If it doesn't exist you create manually.
Then open he SDK manager and check all the packages name you want to update.
hit the license and offline installation begin.


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