Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Android 10 SDK Q is HERE! + Updates to other package

Hello Android Devs!
Thank you for keep visiting AndroidSDKOffline to get Android packages.

Today we announce Android 10 Q SDK for direct download and offline installation.

Just navigate to the right sidebar and you can access the page:
Android SDK 10 API 29 Q Direct Download

We listed all the packages
As you see, all the Android SDK packages are listed in our blog now. You can browse System Images , Extras, NDKs, Tools, All in the single source !

About installation method

As mentioned in previous post, Android SDK Tools 26+ has quite different mechanism on installing packages compared to previous version. Even the GUI has now dead.
This change makes it trickier to install offline in a manual fashion.
However we still can install the packages offline.

For the sake of consistency across OSes , we use unzip utility. This is widely available on Linux and Mac and Windows with WSL.
On Windows you can also use Git-Bash.

We have provided the packages to download along with the CMD that you can copy paste easily.

About Offline Installer Helper

yep, we gonna working on it but it is in our lower priority.
In the near future we gonna focus on providing Android tutorial instead ranging from the native one , to the more fancier alternatives like Flutter, Adobe AIR, Qt Framework etc.
Just stay tuned!

Thank you!