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This package is OS independent and available for all OSes, so can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Package Size
Android Support Repository rev 339.05 MB
Android Support Repository rev 330.38 MB
Android Support Repository rev 322.73 MB
Android Support Repository rev 314.51 MB
Android Support Repository rev 306.62 MB
Android Support Repository rev 307.54 MB
Android Support Repository rev 299.46 MB
Android Support Repository rev 291.39 MB
Android Support Repository rev 283.75 MB
Android Support Repository rev 275.75 MB

How to Install Android Support Repository offline

Unlike the SDK Compiler, installing the newer Android Support Repository version will overlap the older one if you have already. Newer versions add new functionalities,bug fixes, yet still provides functionalities that older versions have.

Command Line Offline Installation

  • Download ONE of the packages above and put them inside "temp" folder of your Android SDK installation directory. It's recommended to download the latest version
  • Disconnect any internet connections (optional)
  • Open CMD/Terminal and type:
    :\> android update sdk -u -t extra-android-m2repository
  • When prompted for license/agreement type y to accept
  • Wait and done
This command works for all versions of Android Support Repository

GUI Installation

For GUI installation please follow the general guide on How to Install Android SDK Offline


  1. its not prompting for license/agreement

    1. Thank you Raphael.
      I included that since some older versions have it

  2. I'm getting this: `Error: Flag '-t' is not a valid global flag. Did you mean to specify it after the verb/object name?` in mac terminal.

    1. Did you write the command in correct order?

    2. OMG I'm sorry Ebenezer , the syntax I provided was incorrect
      It missing "update" clause after "android"
      it should be :
      android update sdk -t -u extra-android-m2repository

      It should works on Mac/Win/Linux
      Thank you :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Smith,
      if temp folder didn't exist yet , you should create it manually inside your root folder of Android SDK installation

      Thank you

  4. Hi thank you for sharing out the technique of installing. However, please understand that not all programmers are having the same fundamental like you're. I'm a beginner, i have tried type your command into the CMD, but it wont work, i tried to cd to my SDK directory and the run the command, still not work, please explain more on the steps of installation for us beginners, we will be very appreciate and give u a like if u could help us more.

  5. hello, when entering the command in the terminal CMD tells me that "android" is not recognized as an internal or external command, program or batch file executable. In which terminal devo of entering the command to update my m2repository