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This package is OS independent and available for all OSes, so can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download Google Play Services

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Package Size
Google Play Services rev 20.39 MB
Google Play Services rev 12.55 MB
Google Play Services rev 12.55 MB
Google Play Services rev 11.98 MB
Google Play Services rev 11.49 MB

How to Install Google Play Services offline

Unlike the SDK Compiler, installing the newer Google Play Servicesversion will overlap the older one if you have already. Newer versions add new functionalities,bug fixes, yet still provides functionalities that older versions have.

Command Line Offline Installation

  • Download ONE of the packages above and put them inside "temp" folder of your Android SDK installation directory. It's recommended to download the latest version
  • DISCONNECT any internet connections (optional)
  • Open CMD/Terminal and type:
    :\> android update sdk -t -u extra-google-google_play_services
  • When prompted for license/agreement type y to accept , if not just continue
  • Wait and done
This command works for all versions of Google Repository

GUI Installation

Follow the tuts from SDK Index