Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 2016 Update : Android SDK 7.x,6.x,5.x , Build Tools 25.x , Platform Tools 25.x , Manager 25.x and Extras

Apologies for the delay.
We have new updates on this beautiful December :D

NOTICE : for this December Update we HAVE UPDATED the links but we haven't update the images. No need to worry , the packages are valid and the installation process is still the same as we described on the image though.

SDK Manager 25.x
The latest version is 25.2.3 actually the same as we posted on November :D

SDK Platform Tools 25.x
We got update to rev 25.0.1

SDK Build Tools 25.x
We got update to rev 25.0.1

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 2016 Android SDK Google Repository , Android Support Repository and Extras Update

This month we got update on SDK Extras and some breaking changes.

This might not a big deal if you are install the package regularly. However for offline installation you need to be aware of the new package naming on Google Play Services and Google Repository.
The actual major version listed in the SDK Manager is 37 and 38 BUT on the downloaded package name  they have package names:

yep, "v7" on the .zip package is bit weird naming IMHO. But actually they are valid package for version 37 and 38.

No need to worry because we've update  the post with How to install the package :
Android SDK Extras November Update

November 2016 Android SDK Tools Rev 25.x Update : Manager, Build Tools, Platform Tools

We have several updates on Android SDK Tools rev 25:


November 2016 Update: Android 7.1.1 API 25 Nougat is Now Available , Update to API 24 and API 23 Marshmmalow

Cheers ! Happy Halloween All.
In this month we got a new SDK family in 7.x branch. Say Hello to Android 7.1.1 API 25.
Not all packages are available yet , but the main compiler and several sys images are available. We also have updated the link for Nougat API 24 and the Marshmallow API 23.

Get the new Nougat API 25 Update, check :

Nougat API 24 Update


Also check the update on the Tools

Monday, June 20, 2016

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Legacy and Older Android SDKs Download

We have request from our users who want to obtain the 4.x and 5.x SDK.
You can now download them , links provided on the sidebar :

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How to Install Android SDK Offline?

How to Install Android SDK Offline?

Android SDK has it owns SDK tool called Android SDK Tools. This is the tool that responsible for installing, downloading , updating and managing all the entire SDK packages. What you need to now is , the SDK Tool itself has updates on its own.

So before we begin to download everything , first off all Android SDK Tools is all what you need: (Please download the latest version available)

Installing Android SDK for the first timer

  • Download the latest SDK Tools that match your OS. It is things like tools_rxxx_os.zip
  • Create a new folder dedicated for Android SDK. For instance "AndroidSDK" in E:\ Drive This folder will store all SDK installation packages. You can use whatever folder you want .. Just make sure it is accessible for you.
  • Extract the tools_rxxx_os.zip inside the AndroidSDK folder This could take seconds or a minute . You can use apps like 7-zip, wiinrar , etc.
  • Now you have "tools" folder inside your AndroidSDK directory.
  • When the extraction done , you can safely delete the tools_rxx_os.zip or you can move to somewhere else
  • Back to AndroidSDK root directory and manually create folder called "temp". This folder used to store all offline installation packages later. For now make let it empty.
  • Now, the basic setup for SDK Manager has been done. Congrats!

How to Install Android SDK for Offline Installation
How to Setup Android SDK Tools Manager

Test Android SDK Installaion

To test SDK manager open android.bat (windows) , wait for a while to load. If this is the first time you use it, SDK manager will load lists packages available. This might needs internet connection

Live Video Demo

For Complete Demonstration on how to install Android SDK , including packages , check out this video below. This is a common guideline video for installing Android SDK  Offline.
It uses Android 5 as the SDK example that being installed, However these process is common and can be applied to install other SDK Versions from 4,5,6,7 and also the SDK tools. Follow the video for detailed instruction.

Android SDK Packages

Here are the SDK packages you can download and install offline later:

SDK Tools and Extras

Android SDK Tools (Manager) Download Link:


Android SDK Build Tools Download Link:


Android SDK Platform Tools Download Link:


Android SDK Extras Download Link:


Compilers and Platforms

Android 7 SDK Nougat API 24 Download Link:


Android 6 SDK Marshmallow API 23 Download Link:


Android 5.1 SDK Lollipop API 22 Download Link:


Android 5.0.1 SDK Lollipop API 21 Download Link:


Android 4.4  SDK Wear API 20 Download Link:


Android 4.4.2  SDK Kitkat API 19 Download Link:


Android 4.3.1 SDK Jelly Bean API 18 Download Link:


Android 4.2.2 SDK Jelly Bean API 17 Download Link:


Android 4.1 SDK Jelly Bean API 16 Download Link:


Android 4.0.3 SDK Jelly Bean API 15 Download Link:


Android 4.0 SDK Jelly Bean API 14 Download Link:


Register Android SDK to system Environment(OPTIONAL STEP but RECOMMENDED)

Register Android SDK to system Environment, so you can use them from CMD/CLI to create project , update SDK , create AVD and everything Android SDK capable of , directly from CMD. More:

Monday, June 6, 2016

Android SDK June 2016 Update

Happy June all!

In this month we have several updates for Android SDK. We have :

Android NDK (native development kit) version 11c and 12 beta 2
Android SDK N preview has update for its compiler rev 3, and WEAR system images
Android SDK 6 has several image system updates

For the tools :

SDK Tool aka "SDK Manager" now has v. 25.1.7 stable
SDK Platform tool has v. 23.1.0 stable and v24 RC3
SDK Build tools  v 23.0.3 and 24 RC4

For the Extras, we have update on Android Support Library, Repository including latest HAXM and GPU Debugging tools

To install these package offline, all you need to do is place the packages inside "temp" directory in your Android SDK manager folder. If it doesn't exist you create manually.
Then open he SDK manager and check all the packages name you want to update.
hit the license and offline installation begin.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hello Android :)

This blog is dedicated for direct download Android SDK for offline installation.
Click the SDK on the right side then choose