Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Android 10 SDK Q is HERE! + Updates to other package

Hello Android Devs!
Thank you for keep visiting AndroidSDKOffline to get Android packages.

Today we announce Android 10 Q SDK for direct download and offline installation.

Just navigate to the right sidebar and you can access the page:
Android SDK 10 API 29 Q Direct Download

We listed all the packages
As you see, all the Android SDK packages are listed in our blog now. You can browse System Images , Extras, NDKs, Tools, All in the single source !

About installation method

As mentioned in previous post, Android SDK Tools 26+ has quite different mechanism on installing packages compared to previous version. Even the GUI has now dead.
This change makes it trickier to install offline in a manual fashion.
However we still can install the packages offline.

For the sake of consistency across OSes , we use unzip utility. This is widely available on Linux and Mac and Windows with WSL.
On Windows you can also use Git-Bash.

We have provided the packages to download along with the CMD that you can copy paste easily.

About Offline Installer Helper

yep, we gonna working on it but it is in our lower priority.
In the near future we gonna focus on providing Android tutorial instead ranging from the native one , to the more fancier alternatives like Flutter, Adobe AIR, Qt Framework etc.
Just stay tuned!

Thank you!

Monday, April 29, 2019

Beyond Android SDK Offline : Android Offline Installer Helper, more blogs and more fun

Hello all Android developers and coders out there.

First I have to thank you so much for keep visiting my blog, while the content has not yet been updated. I've been busy with my job so I can't maintain this blog for a meantime.

Now in this 2019 and further I personally will push the blogging into much serious level (yeah I'm still gonna using blogger for simplicity and availability , though).

Not only maintaining this beloved androidsdkoffline, but I have several plan on managing and maintaining several blogs on programming, including Android programming.

BUT, before going onto that I have several good announcements:

#1 I'm Developing desktop apps called "Android SDK Offline Installer Helper" to help you easily install Offline Android SDK on SDK tools v26+

If you look at this blog, you'll find that the demonstration of SDK Offline install are  done using SDK Tools / Manager version 25.x. This version is NOT obsolete yet. You can still use SDK Tools v25.2.5 for installing even the latest version of Android compile just fine.

Newer version does exist, However this newer version is totally breaking things. It has different way on install method compared to v25.x.
If you are using normal install method, no problem. BUT if you want to install offline, I tell you that things like
 android update sdk -t -u [pkgID]
is no longer working with SDK Tools v26+.

I knew how install offline mechanism works in v26+ , but compared to v25.x the process of doing so is bit complicated. I don't want you,my dear friends , loyal visitor of this blog facing the headache for just installing Android SDK.
For me, even installing Android SDK from Intellij IDEA/Android Studio is a stupid thing because actually we can do that offline.

I want myself and my visitor of this blog, to be able to install Android SDK in freakin' easy way as easy as:

  1. Download
  2. Drag
  3. Done

So, here I repeat:

I'm Developing desktop apps called "Android SDK Offline Installer Helper" to help you easily install Offline Android SDK on SDK tools v26+

I promise on that, the code are being written, and it will be released at somtime in May or June 2019.
This would be FREEWARE. 
OS supports are mainly Windows first (sorry Mac and Linux user). I'm gonna add support for Mac once stable version is released. 

#2 Android Tutorials, Java Tutorials, Kotlin Tutorials, PHP Tutorials , and more...

yep, as mentioned earlier I'm gonna take blogging into serious level beside of my professional career as developer. Its not gonna be easy , but I have dedicated some of my time for writing tuts.
There will be dedicated blog that exploring things on Android, Java , PHP and more (but not all languages). 
I'm gonna cover Programming Languages that I'm capable of.
Especially on Android, I'm gonna provide not only native examples but also several alternatives and hybrid Android solutions including:
  1. Kotlin Android
  2. Flutter (with Dart as lang)
  3. Adobe AIR (with ActionScript as lang) 
  4. Qt (with C++ as lang)
  5. Xamarin (with C# as lang) 
That would be come in the coming months , not all in once , but will have regular updates.

#3 Updates on Android SDK Packages

Of course this is going to be executed very soon, since Android Q is on the corner. So stay tune.

Thats all my dear friends. Thank you for your support so far. :)