Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Set and Register Android SDK into System Environment /System Path

Registering your Android SDK to System Environment has advantage that you can do what Android SDK do directly from Command Line. This will decrease your dependency from 3rd party tools.

Doing so, will make "android" command available in CMD/CLI so you can invoke various Android SDK tools commands such as :
  1. Creating Android Project (YES, create android project)
  2. Update Android SDK from the console
  3. Manage Android SDK
  4. List SDK Packages
  5. Connect your Android device to your PC
  6. Install your app from PC to your device
  7. Copy file from PC to Android device or vice versa
  8. Take screenshot of your connected device right from the PC
  9. Record your device activity as video
  10. Hacking your droid phone from PC
  11. Etc.

How do we set android to system environment?

This small step is the gate :D This will register the path permanently on your system, unless you remove or edit it ..

Monday, January 2, 2017

January Update for Android SDK 7.1.1 API 25, Build Tools, Platform Tools and More

Hope you can achieve whatever dreams this year! :D

This January we get some updates for Android SDK packages.

Android SDK 7.1.1 API 25

There are some updates including addition for Wear Sys images etc.

Android SDK 7 and Below

There is NO updates, means that the links provided in its pages are the latest version available

Android SDK Platform Tools

Updated to version 25.0.3

Android SDK Build Tools

Updated to version 25.0.2

Android SDK Tools/Manager

Updated to version 25.2.4

Android SDK Extras

Primarily we got update for Android Support Repository and Google Repository both on revision 41


We apologies we only update the links and not yet the images representing the packages. However the packages are valid, and the installation process are just the same as always.

Thank you!